Contemporary Horse Jewelry Sterling Silver

Contemporary Horse Designs by Jeni Benos

A sleek sophistication defines Jeniís Contemporary Horse collection as she explores various themes of creative expression highlighting the horse. The pieces in this series are quite distinctive and possess a timeless allure with clean lines and a brilliant polish. Various motifs from art deco to Celtic are covered with an expressive elegance inherent to Jeniís work. Light, open, linear jewelry designs contrasts other that assume a bold, solid semblance, however each maintains a strong discriminating style.

Artist, Jeni Benos is able to transform her passion for the equine spirit into an extensive array of stylistic designs that stay true to the essential energy inherent to the horse. After spending much of her life with and around these intriguing animals, she naturally fashions artwork of all mediums to depict and honor them. Reflections of these animals cover their numerous emotions and idiosyncrasies. Somber, mature pieces as well as jovial, playful pendants grace her Contemporary Horse collection.

Jeniís distinctive style shine through in all of her creations though she employs a multitude of themes. A less is more approach characterizes the art deco tone that can be observed throughout some pieces in the series; where few lines are necessary to convey a great deal of expression. Deliberate, bold strokes compose these necklaces with careful precession. While other forms require a greater level of complexity with woven patterns and more involved elements.

Hand polished sterling silver, properly crafted can last a lifetime. Plantings are never used in any of Jeniís work, as she believes in creating quality sterling silver jewelry that can withstand the test of time and provide enjoyment for years to come.

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