Fiery Horse Pendants Handcrafted Silver

Fiery Horse Pendants by Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Jeni Benos captures the unbridled spirit that exists within every horse through her Fiery Horse pendants. The wild manes and tails of these horses convey all of the unrestrained freedom and grace of the Equine.

Jeni named a short series of three necklaces after phases of a fire relating them to various strides of the horse. Spark’s playful buck imparts attitude, humor and joy, but also shows freedom from restraint, much like the initial spark of a fire. Ember gallops along untamed, yet steady. Ash sails smoothly through the air. With manes and tails mimicking flames, these horse pendants are perfect for those with an admiration of equine energy. When carving this collection Jeni once again had to create a few carving tools for the task. She used dental tool, which she ground down to different shaps in order to accommodate some of the detail involved in their manes and tails.

Aurora, is an early work by Jeni and was named after her grandmother who was also a very talented artist. Oil paints were her medium of choice. Jeni not only loved the name, Aurora, but felt using it to name one of her horse pendants would be a wonderful way to pay tribute.

The running horse designs are quite casual on suede straps, however the Running horse bracelet composed of six galloping ponies is quite chic.

While some of these horse pendants have a linear bold look others have a gentle free flowing grace, and all evoking a feeling of vibrant energy.

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