Duet ©, Silver Horse Earrings

Duet ©, Silver Horse Earrings


These contemporary silver horse earrings were designed to compliment the Duet Necklace; and they do so with exceptional style! Artist, Jeni Benos, occasionally enjoys creating perfectly matched earrings that are not necessarily exactly alike. Having the two horses leaping from opposite corners gives the set a more artsy appeal. The corresponding necklace features the subjects jumping from opposing corners. Utilizing this concept, Jeni carved the two earrings to incorporate a delightful play on the same theme.

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Dimensions: ¾” From the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the square, or 1 ½” total length with the ear wire.

Material: Sterling Silver

Jeni’s Duet Silver Horse Earrings have a distinct art deco tone with clean geometric lines. The horses have a streamlined flow with bold roached manes and deliberate outlines. The vibrant action as they leap through the form gives the pair a feeling of vivacious movement. While open space within the rectangular frame affords them a light look and feel.

Many of Jeni’s designs incorporate a modern charisma with warmth only derived through fine hand crafted work. Jeni carved her Duet earrings in wax to begin. Rectangular outlines are a favorite shape of hers. This geometric foundation requires a fair degree of careful precision, especially when incorporating large amounts of cut out detail. Many of the wax carving tools that Jeni uses are those she created herself.

The Duet Silver Horse Earrings are an ideal contemporary addition to any outfit! They boast an artistic sophistication in the novel manner in which they match.