Custom Memorial Bullet Art and Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry and Sculpture

It is never easy to loose a loved one. Jeni has great admiration and respect for our troops. After receiving numerous requests for memorial jewelry crafted from the shells of military volleys, she began to openly offer this service.

Jeni can transform the shells from military honors into beautiful works of art to be cherished in memory of the departed. She can craft almost any design off of her web site with few exceptions based on the caliber, or customize any design to various degrees. Customers occasionally send sketches of ideas they have, and Jeni can certainly accommodate.

Both small sculptures and memorial jewelry projects are welcome. Heat-treated copper makes a wonderful base for free standing Petals. In both jewelry and sculptures, gemstones are frequently incorporated in the designs as well. While Jeni offers a number of semiprecious stones on her web site she can set any stones desired.

Pricing will vary based on what is entailed the project. Memorial jewelry based on her primer designs will be priced according to her large primer designs providing the there is no further customization and the stones chosen are those she normally offers. Petals do take quite a bit long to craft from rifle shell. Therefore they do run a bit higher then her Pistol Petals, most of which are made with much smaller casings.

If you have a shell casing you would like to use to commemorate a loved one please feel free to email Jeni to discus design options.

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