Dolce & Pilu ©, Etruscan Mare and Foal

Dolce & Pilu ©, Etruscan Mare and Foal


Dolce and Pilu, Jeni’s charming Etruscan mare and foal bear a rhythmic artsy form with a musical ambiance. The second in a small series of two, the pair compliment the preceding, Andante pendant beautifully. Both necklaces share a distinct resemblance to an abstraction of the treble clef.

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Dimensions: 1 ¼” from the highest point to the lowest point of the casting.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain in sterling silver.

Material: Sterling silver, beautifully polished by hand.

Considering the musical theme of the necklace, Jeni once again scoured the pages of an old piano book for musical terms that would prove fitting for the design. Two stood out splendidly, with relevant meanings and a pleasing sound. Dolce, the mare, is defined as “sweet” paired with little Pilu, meaning “more”. Ideally descriptive, the names proved to be perfect for the Etruscan pair.

Both horses have bold roached manes, giving them a powerful air, yet their posture portrays a distinct bond between them. With a style reminiscent of an Etruscan war horse they embody a spirit of gentle fortitude.

Though the musical aspects of the necklace prevail in the minds of some, others view the swirling shape of the pendant to be evocative of an ocean creature or abstract sea horse. Spiraling shapes are common to a wide variety of the ocean’s inhabitants; the swirl of a sea horse’s tail is echoed in the graceful form of this necklace.

Dolce and Pilu possess a variety of interpretations and a harmonious artistry, with a look ideal for any occasion!