Magazines Featuring Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Jeniís work has been featured in a number of publications throughout the years. Her first appearance was in Equestrian Retailer after her filigree horse necklace and earrings set titled, ďGuinevereĒ, won the industry-wide AETA Innovation Award in 2007. Tack and Togs, a publication catering to retail tack shops, was soon to follow adding the award-winning pendant to one of their gift guides.

Since her debut in print, Jeniís work has been included in the American Rifleman, the New River Valley magazine as well as multiple issues of Tack and Togs and the Elite Equestrian. Various blogs and online sources have recognized her innovative designs as well. It should also be noted that as a small arts business, Jeni does not have the budget to pay the immense fees often required for publicity. All of the attention Jeni has received from the media has been solely based on talent and the innovation and quality of her designs; none of the articles were paid publicity.

Jeniís hollow seamless filigree has earned several product highlights and articles. As such an unusual and complex process they are certainly worthy of praise and well worth the arduous efforts involved in creating such complex forms. The results of these efforts are of course stunning! Her Patented Pistol Petals have also received recognition in multiple magazines and online articles. The ingenuity of these charming floral designs caught the eye of a few editors and bloggers. Her debut line of Zodiac Ponies and one of her more elaborate custom endeavors have also made appearances in print.

Please enjoy reading some of these excepts and articles featuring Jeniís work!

Elite Equestrian, Volume 17 Issue 6, November/ December 2017

Intrepid Apex Cleverly Captures the Corner Jump

Elite Equestrian, Volume 17 Issue 4, July/ August 2017

Artfully Elusive

Elite Equestrian, Volume 17 Issue 3, May/ June 2017

A Crowning Touch for the Equestrian Bride

Elite Equestrian, Volume 16 Issue 6


Dressage Today, November 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The Roanoke Times - October 8, 2016

Glencoe Museum to host reception for artist Jeni Benos

The Roanoke Times - August 19, 2016

Narrows artist crafts pendant to raise money for women's charities

Elite Equestrian, Volume 16 Issue 3

Elegance of the Piaffe

Elite Equestrian, Volume 15 Issue 6

Must Have Holiday Gift Guide

Elite Equestrian, Volume 15 Issue 4

Custom Made Wedding Tiaras

New River Valley Magazine, March/April 2015

Horses, Bullets and Flowers

Elite Equestrian, Volume 14 Issue 2

Jenuinely Jeni Inc.- Zodiac Pony 10 Year Anniversary

Elite Equestrian, Volume 13 Issue 2

Horse Inspired Designs

Elite Equestrian, Autumn 2012

Great finds for that special equestrian in your life

Elite Equestrian, Autumn 2012

Fashion: Pistol Petals, A conservative Rebellion

American Rifleman, November 2009

Product Previews

Tack and Togs Merchandising, August 2007

Fashion Break, The Jewelry box

Tack and Togs Merchandising, April 2007

What's New

Equestrian Retailer, March/April 2007

AETA Innovation Awards

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