Wildlife and Nature as Sterling Silver

Nature and Wildlife in Sterling Silver by Jeni Benos

Jeni has always enjoyed being out in nature, this love of the natural world is reflected in her handcrafted silver designs, among other forms of artwork. Sophisticated carved Deer and graceful fabricated birds show a style unique to Jeni’s work. Jeni occasionally includes genuine gemstones in these designs as well.

Concepts and ideas are all around us. For an artist one of the largest challenges is trying to find the time to carve or fabricate everything they would like to. Prioritizing which designs to create immediately and which to push off to a later date. Sadly some designs get lost in the pages of sketchbooks, and the miscellaneous scarps of paper they are impulsively drawn on.

To create a design by hand is the true mark of an artist. Handcrafted silver has a feeling and depth behind it that the cold lifeless lines of a cad system could never begin to match. The warmth of a hand made piece of jewelry always shines through and adds to the sense of emotion behind the animals, insects and every creature that Jeni carves or fabricates.

Jeni is working to develop her line of handcrafted silver designs to reflect the wildlife the mountains where she lives, and all of the forests, shorelines, and marshes that she has explored.

Each piece is stamped with the appropriate quality mark for sterling silver and Jeni’s trademark. Every piece must be polished by hand for a striking finish.

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