Cloud ©, Paint Horse Design

Cloud ©, Paint Horse Design


Paint Horse Design, Cloud©

Cloud is the first of Jeni’s series of three limited edition paint horse designs. Cloud has a southwestern flare with clean lines and a contemporary charm. His bold stature gives him a strong, confident look.

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Paint Horse Cloud has distinct stylized features with pointy hoofs and expressive lines in his mane, tail, and spots. Jeni has always found manes and tails to be particularly fun to design. They provide a lot of room for creative expression. She chose to give Cloud, and each of her paint horse designs, a large dramatic mane and tail. Their liner flowing lines compliment Cloud’s carved out spots beautifully.

All of Jeni’s paint horse designs have large abstract paint spots. The open details of this design give Cloud a striking contrast between pendant and wearer. The open space really makes Cloud pop, especially when he is worn over bold or bright colors.

Jeni initially hand carved this piece in wax. It is cast in sterling silver and hand polished on both sides for a bright, flawless finish. Each one is stamped with the proper quality marks, including Jeni’s trademark, .925 and copyright mark, but also a number 1-250 indicating which piece in the numbered series you have. Once the 250th Cloud has been cast, the mold for this paint horse design will be destroyed. Cloud can be ordered on a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain. He’s the perfect addition to any paint horse owner’s jewelry collection. Or a perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys western, contemporary elegance!