Wind ©, Paint Horse Pendant

Wind ©, Paint Horse Pendant


Wind, Jeni’s delightful paint horse pendant leaps off as if ready to embark on her next adventure! A vibrant energy is captured in the stylistics contour of this silver pendant. Each of her whimsical spots is carved out to convey lightness with mischievous elegance.

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Dimensions: 1 5/8” From hoof to hoof.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished for a striking luster.

Artist Jeni Benos created a small series of three paint horse pendants, each portraying their own distinct personality and all to be produced in limited numbers. Each necklace is stamped with a number one through two hundred and fifty, in addition to the proper marks used to denote material, trademark and copyright. Once the last in the series has been cast, the mold will be destroyed.

Wind has a lively energy portrayed in her posture as well as in the lyrical lines defining her spots and outlining her mane and tail. A dynamic leap designates her as the most animated in the series and invites an endearing vitality into the small collection. Expressive carved spots compliment each other beautifully with a pleasing rhythm that guides the eye though the design; while the lightness of their open figures grants an enhanced artistic flare.

Wind remains an outstanding accessory for all those with a special affection for the breed. Weather that regard is based on the wonderful personality possessed by paints, or their striking appearance! None of the Paint horse pendants will be available forever, so chose a favorite or collect them all while you can!