Duet ©, Leaping Horse Necklace

Duet ©, Leaping Horse Necklace


The Duet Leaping Horse Necklace has clean contemporary lines and portrays a distinct feeling of movement. Two sterling silver horses joyously leap through an open rectangle. This piece has a light sophistication with open detail that makes the design really pop.

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Dimensions: Just under 1.5” from the top of the bail to the bottom of the rectangle.

Chain: Your choice of a 16”, 18”, or20” sterling silver box chain.

Jeni Benos carved her Duet, Leaping Horse Necklace in wax initially. She carefully hand shaped the rectangular frame checking the angles continuously to ensure that each corner was square. She created two horses leaping into the geometric form from opposite angles, which provides a sense of both balance and energy.

Jeni has always loved the look of an Etruscan styled roached mane and frequently uses them in her artwork. As far as she was concerned it was the only style of mane appropriate for Duet. It brought a look that enhanced the perceived vibrancy behind the leaping horses, with a sleek clean fashion. The lines of the their manes compliment the geometric quality of the design and give it an art deco feel. The two leaping horses engage each other as if caught in a dance, while the viewer’s eye is gently guided in a circular pattern around the pendant.

The Duet Leaping Horse Necklace is cast in Sterling Silver and laser engraved with corresponding quality marks. Each piece is polished by hand for a brilliant sheen.

Duet is lively, fun and the perfect addition to any equestrian jewelry collection!