a rough wax carving and a finished jewelry item

Humble Beginnings, The Wax Carving Process

Someone recently asked me how carving wax starts out.  First of all, there are a number of varieties to choose from.   Your specific application and personal preferences will naturally influence which type you choose.  Some artists prefer to add material to their model as they create it. I, however, almost always work subtractively.  Carving wax is primarily purchased in thick […]

Zodiac Pony © Libra in box with Horoscope

How I Got Started- Part 2- The Beginning of Jenuinely Jeni Inc.

My previous article began to explain the rather broad topic of how I got started. This is a question I hear often while at trade shows. My involvement in three dimensional and metal arts seemed a logical place to begin. Artistic talent alone however is far from enough to turn a skill into a business. […]

white homing pigeon

In Good or Bad Company, the Critters of Giles County

My unexpected woodchuck guest who happened by the workshop last week unwittingly became the star of his own blog article. In turn, his comical presence motivated me to tell the tales of a few more of my Appalachian animal acquaintances. Living in a remote area does distance me from any excess of human population, but […]

wax model by Jeni Benos with carving tools

Tool Making & Wax Carving

Virtually any jewelry supply catalog has a variety of wax carving tools to choose from. However the vast majority of them are exceedingly large. These are wonderful for roughing out a design quickly. Although, they make it virtually impossible to achieve fine detail or navigate the awkward angles sometimes required by a complex piece. Only […]