Artist Friends

Jenuinely Jeni at the Greenbrier is proud to carry exceptional artwork by several talented regional and national artisans. Visit the gallery in person to see an eclectic mix of artwork and fine crafts including ceramics, baskets, woodworking, hats, scarves, and some elaborate one of a kind creations! We are working on adding some of our artist friends to the website.

Phil Benos
Jeni's father, Phil Benos, rekindled his love of woodworking since retiring. His wood lathe is one of his favorite "toys" in his workshop. Phil handcrafts pens in brightly colored acrylics as well as exotic woods from around the world. His pens have a luxurious feel and boast a distinctive touch of class!

Carol Lee Thompson
Carol is an award winning artist with over 30 years of experience as a full time painter. Carol is able to portray her subjects with incredible life and emotion! Paintings by Carol can be found in several prominent locations including but not limited to the U.S. State Department and Baltimore's City Hall.

Robyn Ryan
Robyn works in a wide variety of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, collage and even bronze sculpture. Robyn creates what she loves and frequently depicts her subjects in imaginative and colorful ways. Horses, animals, and birds are some of her favorite subjects.

ZL Feng
ZL is an internationally acclaimed artist who currently specializes in watercolors but occasionally creates his masterpieces in oils. He is a professor of art at Radford University in Virginia. His abstract seasonal motifs of trees and river scenes are quite distinctive and each has its own energy; some are vibrant and full of energy while others are serene and calming.

Bruce Fransen
Bruce is an arborist and woodworker out of Harper's Ferry, WV. He harvests all of the wood he uses locally to his region and starts each of his sculptures and bowls with a log and a chain saw before working his way down to finer and finer tools. The waves and undulations of his organic sculptural forms flow with exquisite grace.

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