Bullet Jewelry By Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Bullet Jewelry By Jeni Benos

Jeni began to craft her unique line of bullet jewelry with the debut of her patented Pistol Petals collection in 2005. Up until that time, Jeni had established her business with a focus on equestrian designs. Though, a true artist can find inspiration in even the most unexpected places. Jeni had been collecting bullet shell casings after her trips to the range for many years. As a jewelry designer and metal smith, Jeni always felt she would find something interesting to create with those old shells. Inspiration struck while Jeni was working on a very tedious custom design. At once, she set the custom piece aside, and began to create the first few Pistol Petals of the series.

Primer necklaces and cufflinks were soon to follow in Jeniís bullet jewelry collection. As a profession jeweler, Jeni has always set genuine gemstones in her line and continues to do so today. She primarily uses bezel and prong settings in her work, but other proper stones setting techniques can be found as well.

Jeni primarily works in the more common pistol calibers, however she occasionally works in rifle rounds as well. Jeni enjoys every shooting opportunity she has. Although she has enjoys plinking with a wide variety of firearms, pistol shooting has always been her favorite. Jeni initially chose to focus on some of her favorite calibers, thus specializing in pistol rounds. All calibers but the .22, which is made of a gauge of metal too thin to be formed and hold itís shape as a piece of jewelry. However Jeni certainly doesnít limit herself to the more conventional calibers. She works with casings as small as .32 all the way up to 20-pound artillery shells!

As the years have progressed, Jeni continues to develop an extensive variety of bullet jewelry designs. Some with a clean contemporary feel, some with a wild artistic flare, and others with a classic conservative appeal.

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