Magic ©, Celtic Horse Necklace

Magic ©, Celtic Horse Necklace


The Magic, Celtic horse necklace has a bold look and luxurious heft with intricate, delicately caved detail. Strands of a mare’s mane loop around the circular pendant, weaving together in a spiraling pattern; which eventually curls up into the horse’s neck. The design represents an unending circle, with the focal point of the pattern alternating between positive and negative space. While lengths of her mane initially catch the eye, it is the space between them that creates the interlaced pattern that extends up the side of her neck.

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Dimensions: 1” in diameter

Chain: Choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” Box Chain

Material: Sterling Silver, Hand Polished

Jeni’s Celtic horse necklace possesses a level of artistic depth in its perpetual pattern. Celtic knot work is said to embody eternity with no beginning and no end. This harmonious flow lends an element of tranquility to this exquisite design.

While carving Magic, Jeni had to create two new tools to accommodate the flat space under the mare and her woven mane. Jeni ground down the ends of a couple of dental instruments to engineer tools that could fashion fine detail while smoothing out the recessed portions of the design. A patina is used to produce a greater contrast and enhance the form. The back is solid with a textured pattern and hidden bail.

Jeni brings a Celtic flavor into her equestrian jewelry collection with The Magic pendant. The Celtic horse necklace is wonderful for those who enjoy bold style and esoteric, woven patterns.