Zodiac Ponies Jewelry by Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Zodiac Ponies By Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Jeniís charming collection of Zodiac Ponies relate to their signs by personality traits or traditional symbolism associated with each Zodiac sign. This clever series comes packaged with brief horoscopes for a more personal touch. Jeni even carved Zodiac sign brands into each horse.

Jeniís Zodiac Ponies made their debut in 2004 and marked the beginning of Jeniuinely Jeni Inc, then, Jeni B designs. Shortly after their release, Jeni began to craft earrings and charm to compliment the series. The personal touch of this collection makes them wonderful birthday gifts, but they are a course great to treat yourself to as well.

The idea for the Zodiac Ponies presented Jeni with the challenge of customizing each piece to match their sign in a relevant way. This involved essentially turning the concepts behind the Zodiac into literal forms and matching them to various equine personalities. Some signs were of course easier to translate than others.

Pisces symbolically depicts two fish tied together, swimming in different directions. Jeniís Pisces Pony features two horses tied together, facing opposite directions. However in the case of Jeniís design both are looking back at each other, one with ears up and the other with ears pinned back. A certain humor is also evident in this collection.

Personality types were also the basis for many of Jeniís Zodiac Ponies as well. Leoís are known to be very fiery, energetic and charismatic. Jeniís Leo Pony rears enthusiastically, with that natural, wild energy inherent to the sign.

The Zodiac Ponies are whimsical and versatile in style, the perfect necklaces to love and never take off!

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