Mens Ammo Jewelry with Genuine Gems

Menís Ammo Jewelry by Jeni Benos

While Jeni has focused much of her energy on ladies jewelry, she does make a few items for men as well. Bullet cufflinks and tie tacks look quite dapper for a night on town or a formal business meeting. They certainly do make a statement!

Jeni sets genuine gems in proper bezel settings for all of the menís ammo jewelry in her line. The stone setting involved requires an extremely high degree of precession. Jeni has been working with metal for more than half her life and has worked professionally as a jeweler for over a decade. Her skill level allows her to create quality jewelry with an edge.

The findings on her cufflinks are of a very high level of quality. They are, naturally, sterling silver with very tight springs. They have been said to last forever.

While Jeni does offer a variety of gems and calibers to choose from, custom orders are welcome.

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