Horse Charms Handcrafted Sterling

Expressive Sterling Silver Horse Charms by Jeni Benos

Jenuinely Jeni’s delightful Horse Charms were designed to match her Zodiac Pony collection, however no markings specify them as any specific signs. Wonderful on their own, and highly collectable. Thay can be purchased with or without a sterling bracelet. Traditional styled double-linked cable bracelets come seven and half inches long; each bracelet is sold adorned by one silver equine. If multiple charms are purchased, Jeni is happy to affix them to the bracelet as well in any order specified.

Without carved brands defining them as a specific sign, these classic horse charms can be chosen based on shape alone, with a number of equine personalities represented throughout the series. However they can also symbolize various family members and friends, human or equine, based on the Zodiac Ponies they were crafted to match. A wonderful sentiment can be found in collecting an assortment of these hand crafted designs to personify loved ones in your life.

Jeni’s silver horse charms are polished to a brilliant finish on the front with a textured back stamped .925 for sterling silver and her trademark as the artist. Enjoy the clean look of a single horse or collect a few for a splendid keepsake tailored to your request.

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