Liberty ©, Patriotic Horse Necklace

Liberty ©, Patriotic Horse Necklace


Liberty features a patriotic horse sporting a single star behind her ear. The lines of her mane create several wavy stripes, mimicking those of the American flag. This contemporary abstraction makes a charming, patriotic statement with a distinct equestrian flavor!

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Dimensions: 1 1/8” by 5/8”

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain in sterling silver

Material: Sterling silver polished by hand

Jeni’s unmistakable style shines through in her charming Patriotic Horse Necklace. Open detail provides contrast when worn over a bright color, however the piece stands out beautifully against bear skin as well. The clean contour of the mare and her distinguishing features give the piece a casual appeal fitting for any season or outfit. The geometric outline delightfully frames the silver horse. While the open space surrounding the figure add a feeling of lightness to the striking design.

A sense of movement is present in the design, as if the wind was blowing through her wavy mane. Inspired by the stripes of an American flag blowing in the breeze, Liberty’s mane remains a defining feature of the pendant portraying the concept with unmistakable grace. The single star embellishes the amiable mare as an accent while indicative of the patriotic theme portrayed in the necklace. The pendant provides a wonderful way to honor the country with a discerning equestrian style; symbolically conveying both strength and beauty. Liberty is a splendid addition to any equestrian jewelry collection!

The Patriotic Horse Necklace boasts a pride in the great nation of America with a stylized equine flare!