Artisan Handcrafted Equestrian Jewelry

Jeniís Equestrian Collection

Jeniís equestrian jewelry embraces every phase and personality of the horse. Jeni Benos has always been drawn to animals, especially horses. There is a magnetism of the equine spirit that so many find irresistible, as an artist, Jeni aspires to capture this spirit in each one of her jewelry designs. Years spent working with and riding horses of every personality type allows her to create artwork of all mediums that portrays the true mystique inherent in the equine. As a jewelry designer, Jeni has focused much of her energy on creating equestrian jewelry in styles ranging for whimsical and fun to sophisticated styles with complex elegance.

Jeni initially established her business, Jenuinely Jeni Inc. with equestrian jewelry with the release of her Zodiac Pony collection in May of 2004. Since then she has continued to focus her energy on developing novel and unexplored concepts and techniques.

Jeni explores some unusual techniques in filigree carving with some of her hollow forms. While developing this body of work she continued to push the process further by incorporating complex undercuts in designs like Ivy. The process to craft these hollow, seamless forms is unbelievably time consuming and complex. Her filigree carving can take up to 100 hours of hand carving time on a complex design. The process is well worth the effort and earned her the prestigious AETA Innovation award in 2007 at an industry wide equestrian trade show.

Jeniís love of horses is immediately evident in each of her dynamic equestrian jewelry collections. With designs for every style and occasion, her work is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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