Primer Necklaces and Earrings with Genuine Gemstones

Primer Necklaces and Earrings By Jeni Benos

Jeniís Primer Necklaces are beautifully fabricated with sterling silver and genuine gemstones. Jeni is a professional jeweler and does take the time to set all of her gems in proper settings. The quality behind her work is immediate evident, and these designs are created to last.

Bezel settings are the most frequently utilized settings by Jeni in her Primer Collection, however she occasionally uses prong settings for this series as well. In creating some of her designs she has been required to create models for custom findings. These findings must be accurate to 100th of a millimeter and 3% shrinkage must be calculated because they are cast items. Jeni has also made her own cutting tools for her machining.

Jeni machines each of her Primer Necklaces, along with many other designs on an antique lathe, passed down to her by her grandfather. He was tool and die maker by trade, and a very talented one at that. The lathe came with a full set of collets made by her grandfather. She feels a certain sentiment in the history of this tool, and it is naturally her favorite piece of equipment in the shop. Jeni began developing her ammo jewelry about a year into her business. Her Petals made their debut in 2005 and inspired her to expand into several styles of Primer Necklaces. Simple classic styles developed into contemporary, artsy designs that make a wonderful and powerful statement for their wearer.

Jeni has enjoyed shooting for many years and her work is not only highly artistic, but it does serve to show enthusiasm for our right to bear arms.

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