Wildlife Photography by Jeni Benos

Print sizes 12"x 18" and 16"x 24" are available, please contact Jeni for pricing.
  • One adult and two osprey chicks in a nest, photo by Jeni Benos
    How would you like Osprey Family Portrait Printed?
  • Great white egret mother feeds two chicks in her nest
    How would you like What's For Lunch? printed?
  • great-white-egret-displays-plumage
    How would you like Enchanting Egret printed?
  • photograph-of-bee
    How would you like Sweet Endeavors© printed?
  • limpkin bird feeds her chick in the swamp
    How would you like Sharing a Snack printed?
  • peaceful_foal
    How would you like Peaceful Foal© printed?
  • vast_dreams
    How would you like Vast Dreams© printed?
  • tranquility
    How would you like Tranquility© printed?
  • Heron_fly
    How would you like Heron in Flight © printed?
  • bear_emerges
    How would you like Bear Emerging© printed?
  • egret_web4.jpg
    How would you like Graceful Egret© printed?
  • Heron_scratch
    How would you like Heron Scratching Ear© Printed?
  • ground_sqirrel
    How would you like Ground Squirrel© printed?
  • anhinga fine arts bird photograph
    How would you like Anhinga Grooming© printed?
  • dall_sheep
    How would you like Dall Sheep© printed?
  • tricolor_dancing
    How would you like Waltz of the Wetlands© Printed?
  • puffin
    How would you like Happy Puffin printed?
  • pelican1
    How would you like Pelican by the Jetty© printed?
  • hawk
    How would you like Red Tail Hawk© printed?
  • limpkin
    How would you like Limpkin Eating Snail© printed?
  • gentle_strenght
    How would you like Gentle Strength© printed?

About Jeni's Wildlife Photography

Jeni Benos strives to portray her subjects in a unique and imaginative way. Jeni is content to spend hours quietly following various birds around a marsh. She enjoys all aspects of wildlife photography from shooting the smallest bugs to large brown bears!

Living in the mountains of Virgina, Jeni is surrounded by a vast country full of ideal scenic tails idea for wildlife photography. The wild ponies of Grayson highlands inspire many lovely shots, some of which are featured here. As a horse lover, spending time hiking through mountain trails surrounded by beautiful views and lots of adorable wild ponies and foals is about as good as it gets!

With family in Florida, Jeni is sure to spend a fair percentage of her trips to Florida floating through the swamps, tromping through woodland trails, and strolling the beaches with her camera in order to capture as much of Florida’s wonderful wildlife as she can. The egrets and herons of the swamps are frequent favorites of Jeni’s and she is know to float along the swamplands following the same bird of two for hours at a time.

Throughout Jeni’s travels, she always has her Nikon at hand. While she enjoys shooting a variety of subjects, her love of nature and animals has made wildlife photography a favorite artform.

Jeni is currently selling fully mounted giclee prints, gallery wrapped on canvas. They are printed with the highest quality archival Epson inks. She is continuing to expand her collection of prints and printing options.

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