Fine Arts Photography by Jeni Benos

  • rhythm-fibonacci-spiral-leaves.jpg
    How would you like Rhythm © printed?
  • Appalachian-Stonecrop
    How would you like Appalachian Stonecrop © printed?
  • dancing-spirits-art-print
    How would you like Dancing Spirits© printed?
  • Echoes-of-Antiquity-
    How would you like Echoes of Antiquity© printed?
  • Rustic-Diligence
    How would you like Rustic Diligence© printed?
  • Unwavering-Focus
    How would you like Unwavering Focus© printed?
  • Entangled
    How would you like Entangled © printed?
  • Aberrant-Illumination
    How would you like Aberrant Illumination © printed?
  • holding_history
    How would you like Holding History© printed?
  • Fraying-Sentiment
    How would you like Fraying Sentiment© printed?
  • Air-of-Nostalgia-
    How would you like Air of Nostalgia© printed?
  • Fragmented-Recollection
    How would you like Fragmented Recollection© printed?

Macro Photography, Abstract Perspectives, & Thought Provoking Compositions

Artist Jeni Benos has always enjoyed exploring the world through the various lens of her Nikon. Macro photography is of particular interest to her. Details of old farm equipment, plant life, and the process by which nature slowly overtakes all man made structures has become the focus of her most recent body of work. Both composition and careful use of color can transform a photo and impart distinct emotional elements.

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