Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant
Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant
Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant 1
Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant 2
Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant 3

Morgance ©, Silver Horse Pendant

Morgance is a French name meaning one who lives at sea. The delicate lines of her mane imitate gentle waves. The back of this hollow form can also be worn to show a sea shell like pattern. Morgance comes with a sterling silver box chain.
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Morgance is an old French name that means one who lives at sea. The front of this sterling silver horse necklace features a contemporary styled mare with a graceful mane that mimics the waves in the ocean. Following the lines of her mane and forelock over to the back of the pendant reveals a striking sea shell like design. Artist, Jeni Benos enjoys making horse necklaces that can be worn on both sides. Designing reversible horse jewelry adds to the versatility of her pendants, essentially providing the wearer with more than one pendant option. Some of Jeni's reversible horse necklaces have a completely different pattern on the back; as is the case with Morgance, while others just show a more subtle variation in the pattern. Morgance is available on a 16, 18 or 20 box chain.

Jeni Benos reveals emotion and grace in all of her sterling silver horse jewelry and Morgance is certainly no exception. Morgance has a soft, somber energy with lines reminiscent of a trip to the ocean. The sea is full of mystery and there is a depth present in the Morgance horse necklace that truly captures that wonder. Each piece of sterling silver horse jewelry by Jeni Benos has it's own unique name, sometimes the name is easy to come by, other times it requires more effort. The quest for the perfect name is almost as important as carving the horse jewelry to Jeni. She found the name Morgance while scanning a book of older and more unusual names. After a significant amount of searching, she came across Morgance, and immediately knew it was perfect!

Morgance is wonderful for horse lovers and seahorse lover alike.

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