Fine Artwork, Photography and Large Sculpture By Jeni Benos

Artwork by Jeni Benos

Jeni Benos has always been an artist. Even as a child she was constantly creating. Like most artists Jeni enjoys exploring a number of mediums. She has always been more inclined towards three-dimensional mediums for her artwork, however she does sketch on occasion.

Jewelry designing and small metal fabrication inspired Jeni to work a bit larger. Her artillery shell artwork allowed her to explore a number of metalworking techniques that she does not get to use everyday. Having a background in jewelry fabrication, Jeni takes the time to finish her Artillery Petals with the same meticulous care that she gives to her jewelry.

Much like her jewelry, Jeniís artwork reflects her interests and passions in life. Photography is one of her favorite artistic outlets. Wildlife inspires Jeni above all else in this field. A love for nature and animals naturally draws her in this direction, however there is a great challenge to capturing an animal in itís natural environment and Jeni enjoys that challenge as well. She aims to capture her subject in rolls that reflect adegree of emotion or evoke some thought. While she has plenty of ďglamer shotsĒ of a heron looking directly at her camera, Jeniís goal is to capture more interesting aspects that can only be observed once the bird or animal accepts that she does not pose a threat.

Jeniís two-dimensional artwork mainly consists of pastels, both oil and chalk, with a preference for chalk, and occasionally some pen and ink. Horses are of course her favorite subject, however birds and other critters often show up as well.

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