Zodiac Cat Necklaces By Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Zodiac Cats By Jenuinely Jeni Inc.

The Zodiac Cats were largely inspired by Jeniís previous Zodiac Pony collection and of course her love of cats. Once again, each pendant is based on the personality quirks inherent to each sign or in a few cases traditional Zodiac symbolism. Due to the drastic differences between the two animals, horses and cats, the challenge of fitting each individual to their sign was quite a bit different for the cat series. Conceptually some that were easy for the Ponies were quite challenging for the cats and vise versa.

Most of the interpretations for the Zodiac Cats were based on personality traits rather than symbolism. However, Gemini is of course based on the symbol of the twins. Naturally, twin kitties worked beautifully for the pendant. The majority of the other designs are based on character traits. For example, Virgoís are known for being very meticulous, and neat. The Virgo Cat is licking itís paw, having a bath.

Jeni carved the Zodiac Symbols on the haunches of each one, further personalizing the series. Each cat comes with itís own horoscope revealing the story behind the design. With such a personal touch, they are ideal birthday gifts, but also, a wonderful way to spoil yourself!

The Zodiac Cats are charming and perfect for everyday wear. They are sterling silver and marked with the .925 and Jeniís artist mark. Each one is hand finished for a gorgeous finish.

As Jeni always tells her cat, ďEveryone loves a kitty!Ē

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