Gun Themed Jewelry for Lady Shooters

Jewelry for Lady shooters by Jeni Benos

Jeniís gun themed jewelry collection includes both fabricated and cast items. From elegant filigree bullets to bold, exquisitely carved 1911ís, Jeni provides lady shooters with a variety of designs tailored to suite a number of tastes and styles.

Jeniís enthusiasm for shooting sports inspires her to create jewelry that boasts a pride for the long-standing American traditions protected by our second amendments.

Sterling silver revolvers and semiautomatics certainly make a bold statement, while the grace and beauty inherent in all of Jeniís designs continues to shine through. Hand made pieces always maintain an energy that an item spit out by a machine could never match. Craftsmanship is of course key and Jeni is quite particular by nature. Her recent 1911 shows the attention to detail that sets her gun related jewelry apart. Quality materials are also essential of course, and like all of Jeniís work, each of her gun themed designs is stamped with the proper quality marks.

Some of Jeniís designs embrace an old west, cowboy theme while others have a more modern appeal. Filigree has always been a favorite style for Jeni and an area where she has excelled in her equestrian line. Jeniís filigree bullet brings the grace and delicate beauty of this technique to her gun themed jewelry collection with wonderful results.

Years of experience have refined Jeniís skill level and her endless stream of ideas leads her to develop more and more wild and unique gun related jewelry designs all the time.

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