Liberty ©, Patriotic Horse Pin

Liberty ©, Patriotic Horse Pin


Jeni’s Patriotic Horse Pin assumes a charming abstraction of the American flag. Love of horse and country are portrayed though this delightful pin! A clean contemporary charisma defines the design giving it versatility and style. Liberty makes a wonderful accent for blazers and professional attire. In the show ring the piece can provide a stunning adornment to a stock tie for those who prefer to sport a traditional classic style by wearing a stock pin.

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Dimensions: 1 1/8” by 5/8”

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished beautifully.

The spirit of American is conveyed through the striking form of this distinctive Patriotic Horse pin. The strands of the horse’s mane establish the characteristic pattern of the stripes on the flag. A single star placed behind her ear solidifies the concept, forging an unmistakable stylized interpretation. Open carved detail lighten the look and feel of the deigns, while the perception of movement enhances the graceful appeal of the pin.

A wonderful accessory with a chic patriotic appeal!