Andante ©, Swirled Horse Necklace

Andante ©, Swirled Horse Necklace


Andante is the first in a small collection of two musical horses that artist, Jeni Benos created. The swirled horse necklace has a delightful beaded mane reminiscent of show braids. The concept originally was intended to evoke a musical feel, however some aspects of the design are suggestive of a seahorse as well.

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Dimensions: 1 ˝” from the top of the bail to the lowest point.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished

While developing the design, Jeni felt it had a musical quality to it, with lines mimicking those of a G clef. She searched through the back of a piano book, scrolling the pages of musical terms to find one that would suite her new equestrian pendant. The name Andante stood out among the rest. It had a discerning sound and a definition quite appropriate to the placid energy of the swirled horse necklace it would represent. The term Andante is used in sheet music to indicate a slow gentle tempo. This cultivated, serene sprit embodies the very essence of Jeni’s graceful swirling necklace beautifully.

Andante has a bold Roman nose and gallant crest. His build is that of a stockier breed of horse, those often know for their gentle temperament. His neck tapers into a swirling abstract form, adorned by a tidy row of silver beads, to represent show braids.

The outline of this swirled horse necklace prompts many to consider the ocean, the qualities of a seahorse can also be found in Andante’s swirling contour. Spiraling patterns are often found among various sea creatures, from conch shells to the curl at the end of a seahorse’s tail.

As his name implies, Andante brings a gentle air of refinement and grace to any ensemble.