Six Horse ©, Greek Key Design

Six Horse ©, Greek Key Design


Six horses adorn this contemporary styled equestrian necklace. Based on the Greek Key pattern, the pendant contains three brightly polished sterling horses interlocking with three oxidized equine forms carved onto a lower plane. Inspired by her culture, Jeni’s rendition of the traditional motif incorporates her passion for horses with her rich heritage.

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Dimensions: measures 1 ˝” by 1 9/16”

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” box chain in sterling silver.

Material: Sterling Silver with polished to perfection by hand.

The Greek Key is easily recognized in many ancient relics of various mediums. Sculptures of the gods, carvings adorning temples, and even made note of in the Iliad; the pattern was widely used in ancient times and eventually made it’s way into other cultures as well. Several meanings are associated with the design, some reference love and togetherness, while a few note that the form mimics the waves of the ocean, still other theories suggest that it symbolized eternity.

The Greek Key horse design depicts six stylized interlocking forms with a sleek, yet bold style. The geometric form gives it a solid dynamic look contrasting the soft waves of the horses’ manes. Much of the symbolism born to the tradition pattern enhances the concept behind the necklace. Horses were critical to our survival for centuries, thus human and equine share an eternal bond. It is only in more recent times that they primarily serve us through recreation. Using the horse to represent eternity through an ancient symbol remains quite fitting. Togetherness prevails as a strong theme in the design. Personifying the pattern allows this attribute to shine through emphatically. Each outline is of the same basic form, bonded together; the patina, or polish, only enhances the piece and adds beauty to the design.