Two Horses, Greek Horse Design ©

Two Horses, Greek Horse Design ©


The Two Horse Necklace boldly features interlocking horses in a stunning rendition inspired by Jeni’s original rectangular Greek horse design. A single segment of the initial motif boldly portrays the two equine forms forever bound together in this stunning geometric pendant.

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Dimensions: 15/16” by 15/16”

Chain: Choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, polished by hand

Originally motivated by the ancient Greek key symbol, Jeni’s Six horse design can be viewed as a prelude to this more recent portrayal, that simply features one section of the pattern. Two graceful art deco styled horses adorn the piece, one brightly polished silver, contrasting a rich patina coloring its mate. The bold features of this striking design deliver a fierce elegance with sold strength.

The Greek key is one of the most common glyphs used by the ancient culture; it embellished everything from artwork to structures during the old times. Jeni, being half Greek, grew up with the patters brandishing a number of items in her surroundings, particularly found in the homes of grandparents or aunts. Eventually she created her own interpretation of the design, which in time, found it’s way into her jewelry collection.

The interlocking, continuous pattern of the Greek Key is said to represent a great number of meanings. Among the various explanations behind the pattern love and harmony are commonly recognized. The interlocking design featuring two horses can be indicative of friendship or a partnership. A union between two is echoed in the flowing deliberate lines of the necklace.

The Two Horse Necklace is a wonderful gift for a close friend or loved one, but certainly a great way to treat your self to something special as well!