Pistol Petals Patented Bullet Flowers

Pistol Petal Bullet Flowers by Jeni Benos

Jeni developed her Patented Pistol Petal Bullet flowers in 2005, about a year after she began her business. Jeni enjoyed shooting as a pastime and, being a metal smith, she could never stand to leave her old brass at the range. She gradually compiled quite a collection of spent rounds. While Jeni was working on a very difficult custom project, she was struck with the idea to curl a bullet casing back and form it into a small flower. She took a much-needed break from the project she had been working on and crafted a small sculpture. This was intended to simply be a gift for a friend, but it immediately inspired her to develop the concept further. She created the first two styles of her Pistol Petal bullet flower collection, styles one and two. Next she developed some Petals with scrolling wirework and soldered prong settings to the ends of the stamen in a few of these designs as well. Realizing she had come up with an innovative invention she began the process of applying for a patent right away. Like most patents, it took several years to go through, but was eventually granted.

Over the years Jeni has continued to craft her original Pistol Petal bullet flowers, and has since developed a number of additional variations and styles for the collection. She has also expanded on her concept of bullet jewelry, developing a number of additional, original designs and collections as well.

The Petals, and all of Jeniís bullet jewelry, combine sterling silver with brass shell casings. Jeni is a professional jeweler, and a meticulous one at that! She works to a very high degree of precision and all of the stones she includes in her collection are genuine. Certain situations can even demand accuracy up to one-hundredth of a millimeter! She frequently works under high magnification for stone setting, and other intricate work. Jeni sets all of her stones in proper, traditional settings. Properly set stones will withstand the test of time and provide quality that is immediately evident at a glance.

Jeniís Pistol Petal bullet flowers make a wonderful statement about the second amendment in a subtle, classy way. Their style and innovation is immediately evident, and even earned them a spot in the American Rifleman in November of 2009. They gracefully represent a conservative rebellion in quite a charming way!

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