A pair of sterling silver shark stud earrings by Jeni Benos

Stealthy Sharks Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


These stealthy little sharks have their mouths open as if they are happy to grab whatever snacks might be swimming by! These petite earrings are ideal to either wear by themselves or in a second hole. They are a perfect match to several pieces in Jeni's ocean themed collection.

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Each of Jeni's jewelry designs come with a story. The story to go with the Stealthy Shark Earrings is as follows...

Sharks are some of the most fascinating inhabitants in the ocean! These ancient creatures range in size from the Dwarf Lantern Shark at mere inches to the colossal Whale Shark who can reach 40 feet long and prevails as the largest fish in the sea. There are currently hundreds of species with the earliest dating back over 400 million years. Their pallets do vary, in fact, the two largest varieties indulge in nothing more than plankton. Sadly, today the status of an astounding number of species are categorized between threatened and critically endangered. Although shark attacks on humans are quite rare they remain feared by many. Stealthy Sharks were hand crafted by Jeni Benos.