Sea Turtle Necklace with Fish Carved on Shell by Jeni Benos
Sea Turtle Necklace with Fish Carved on Shell by Jeni Benos
Filigree Turtle Necklace with Fish Carved on Belly by Jeni Benos
Filigree Sea Turtle Pendant View of Face by Jenuinely Jeni Inc
Filigree Sea Turtle Pendant Side View by Jenuinely Jeni Inc

Sea-rendipity Filigree Sea Turtle Necklace


Sea-rendipity is one of Jeni's most highly detailed sterling silver filigree necklaces! This sea turtle is adorned with several sea creatures on her shell and belly. On the back of her shell there are two jack knife fish, a sea horse and stag horn coral. Flip her over to reveal two butterfly fish, a puffer fish who is un-puffed, and a sea fan. Sea-rendipity was inspired by Jeni's underwater adventures. Many of the sea creatures Jeni carved on this pendant are some of the first she saw while diving in the ocean!

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Each of Jeni's jewelry designs comes with a story. Sea-rendipity comes with the following,

Sea turtles captivate us with their gentle demeanor and great docile eyes. They're often considered to be a symbol of good luck, wisdom, and longevity. Both predators and pollution make their journey through early life perilous and those who survive have defied daunting odds. Blessed by luck, adult sea turtles drift through their golden years with an enlightened wisdom. In a seascape illuminated by colorful coral and a plethora of vibrant fish they follow their chosen currents reminding us to go with the flow and approach life's challenges with patience and grace. Though Sea turtles have been traversing your oceans for over a hundred million years today all seven species are either threatened or endangered. Conservation and awareness are key in helping these ancient creatures to thrive once again.