Handmade sterling silver pendant with animals hiding in mangroves
Handmade sterling silver pendant with animals hiding in mangroves
Detail of a necklace with a green heron cast in sterling silver
Detail of a tree frog in a necklace handmade by Jeni Benos
Turtle and crab hidden in mangroves- sterling silver necklace detail

Mangrove Mystique Necklace with Heron, Turtle, Frog and Crab ©


True to nature itself, this hand crafted mangrove necklace is home to several delicately carved animals! A green heron, a turtle, a mangrove crab, and a frog can all be found among the branches and roots of the graceful flora.

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Mangrove Mystique was inspired by Jeni's time photographing birds in the swamps of Florida. She was struck with all of the subtle life that can be found, yet so easily overlooked, hidden among the flora of the coastal swamps. The most prominent element of the design is a whimsical tree frog who is crawling out of the piece or "thinking outside the box!". Of course no mangrove scene could be complete without a crab, since they can always be found skittering around among the roots of these prolific plants. The finely detailed crab gazes down at a turtle who is emerging from the swamp. Observing all, a green heron surveys his surroundings from his perch within sinewy leafy branches.

Jeni hand carved this deign in wax initially under very high magnification. True hand carved artistry contains a warmth and feeling that is immediately evident at a glance. Mangrove Mystique is not only a stunning example of wearable art, but also makes quite the conversation piece!