Treasures of the Marsh ©, Silver Crane Necklace

Treasures of the Marsh ©, Silver Crane Necklace


This contemporary sterling silver necklace features a graceful crane hiding among the tall grass. Open finely carved detail gives the design a visually delicate allure. The silver bird stands with a serene blissful elegance among flowing strands of grass and small flowers. Sophisticated with mature style, this pendant is sure to attract attention with its unique and captivating design.

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Dimensions: 1 1/4” Measured across the top of the half circle.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Material: Sterling Silver hand polished to a brilliant shine.

One of Jeni’s favorite pastimes is wildlife photography. She has spent countless hours in a kayak floating around marshes, rivers, lakes and swamps with her DSLR following the various birds and creatures she happens across. The crane pendant was very much inspired by her time in the swamps of Florida. Herons, cranes and other Florida birds can be found scattered through the outskirts of the marshlands often spotted against the backdrop of tall grass and flora. The experiences observing these graceful beings can imprint warm memories and artistic inspiration somewhere deep in the soul. Shortly after returning from a trip to visit family, Jeni began to design her rhythmic and stunning sterling silver crane necklace as her interpretation of the experience.

Diligent hand carving with gentle finesse gradually gave way to the hidden crane and placid blades of grass filling the open outline of the necklace. Jeni carves all of her models in a special carving wax to start. Great care must be taken with pieces that contain a large amount of open space and fine linear shapes, as they can be very delicate while still in wax. However her efforts are rewarded in their stunning results.

The half circle shape affords an artistic and joyful appeal. The treasures of the marsh necklace is wonderful for any nature lover especially those with an appreciation for the grace and splendor of cranes and herons.