Teardrop shaped Necklace with Two Fish Under Waves

Jovial Jaunt © Two Fish Pendant in Sterling Silver


Jovial Jaunt delightfully portrays two fish swimming under waves and mountains. This necklace was inspired by artisan Jeni Benos's time diving and exploring one of the deepest sections of The New River.

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All of Jeni's jewelry designs come with stories. The story that comes with Jovial Jaunt is as follows.

Joyfully adrift, two fish search the swirling currents of their aqueous empire. They are oblivious to the mountains and terrain spanning the horizons above their world; rather the water's lustrous surface serves as their sky. Jovial Jaunt was hand crafted by artisan Jeni Benos and inspired by time diving The New River. The New River winds its way from NC to WV. The Whirlhole in Eggleston, VA is noted as one of the deepest locations at about 70 feet, though local legends weave tales of a hundred-foot abyss.