Alligator Necklace in Sterling Silver, Lurking Below

Alligator Necklace in Sterling Silver, Lurking Below


Lurking Below embodies the subtlety of nature with an alligator quietly hiding at the base of some cat tails. Artist, Jeni Benos was inspired to create a collection of sterling silver jewelry to reflect life and the very real and discreet mannerisms of birds and animals in the wild. She was originally inspired after spending time photographing birds from a kayak in the swamps. Treasures of the Marsh was the first necklace in the series and became a catalyst for more eye catching designs. Lurking below is the second to be released. It is artistically intriguing with the focus initially on the cat tails and fluttering dragon fly. However the true subject of the piece could be overlooked at first glance. An alligator quietly waits in the reeds, and in nature he might hope to remain unnoticed.

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Graceful open detail provides a lightness to this piece, while highlighting the allure of the wild swamplands. Jeni hand carved this design in wax with careful precision, meticulously carving the fine detail of the cat tails and various creatures with tools she created herself.

The concept for this sterling silver necklace is quite unique and tells a story about life, beauty, and the mysteries of what might be lurking below.