Sterling Silver Earrings with Coral and Reef Fish in a Circle

Ethereal Haven Coral Reef Sterling Silver Earrings


The Ethereal Haven Earrings depict a delightful ocean scene with an un-puffed puffer fish greeting a pair of butterfly fish. The whimsical scene portrayed is a slightly modified version of the carved detail in Sea-rendipity's belly. Jeni created Sea-rendipity, her filigree sea turtle, with different ocean scenes on her shell and on her belly. After carving the encounter between the reef fish on Sea-rendipity's belly Jeni realized this design would be perfect for a pair of earrings to match the elaborately decorated turtle pendant. She also uses this charm as a small pendant.

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Each one of Jeni's jewelry designs come with the story. The story to accompany the Ethereal Haven Earrings is as follows...

Butterfly fish, gobies, puffers and a countless array of brilliant fish glitter our tropical coral reefs. An ever-changing scene of life and color denote a healthy and vibrant environment. Approximately a quarter of the life within the ocean relies on reef systems. From the tiniest polyps that colonize to form the coral itself to hungry stalking sharks, both great and small flourish among our reefs. Currently many of our coral species are threatened or endangered. Corals are quite sensitive, but choosing a reef safe sunscreen is one simple way beachgoers can help.