Teardrop shaped pendant with mountains waves and river fish

Deep Endeavors Mountains Waves & Fish Necklace


Deep Endeavors was inspired by Jeni's adventures diving the New River! This sterling silver pendant depicts a variety of fish swimming below the waves while surrounding mountains stand tall above.

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Each of Jeni's jewelry designs comes with a story. The story to accompany Deep Endeavors is as follows.

Aquatic creatures dance below the surface of the water perpetually exploring the currents in a world free from the confines of gravity. A myriad of life graces this surreal realm hidden to most who reside on the solid ground above.

Deep Endeavors was handcrafted by artisan Jeni Benos and inspired by time spent diving The New River. The New River winds its way from north Carolina to West Virginia. While much of it is fairly shallow several deep holes do exist. The Whirlhole in Eggleston, VA is noted as one of the deepest at approximately 70 feet, though local legends weave tales of a hundred foot abyss.