Silver necklace with a smiling fish under waves

Delightfully Drifting Happy Fish in a Teardrop


This petite sterling silver pendant whimsically portrays a fish swimming just below the waves in a teardrop shaped frame. Jeni Benos often creates jewelry based on her own experiences and passions. This charming pendant is no exception.

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Each of Jeni's Jewelry designs come with a story. Delightfully Drifting comes with the following.

A single fish floats through his watery territory. He intently explores his three-dimensional domain, forever darting among the currents between lightless depths and the glistening surface above. Delightfully Drifting was hand crafted by artisan Jeni Benos and inspired by time spent diving the New River. the New River winds its way from NC to WV. The whirlhole in Eggleston, VA is noted as one of the deepest locations at about 70 feet, though local legends weave tales of a hundred-foot abyss.