Sterling silver necklace with fish and coral in a circle

Ethereal Haven Coral Reef Necklace


This petite sterling silver pendant features a whimsical scene with tropical fish in a coral reef. An un-puffed puffer fish greets a pair of butterfly fish over a sea fan. Both of these species are quite prolific in our oceans and there are many colorful subspecies of each. The thought of a puffer fish often brings to mind a puffed up bubble of a sea creature, however this defense mechanism is something that they must reserve for emergency situations only! It takes so much energy they can only puff a few times in their whole lives.

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All of Jeni's jewelry comes with a story. The story to accompany Ethereal Haven is as follows...

Butterfly fish, gobies, puffers and a countless array of brilliant fish glitter our tropical coral reefs. An ever-changing scene of life and color denote a healthy and vibrant environment. Approximately a quarter of the life within the ocean relies on reef systems. From the tiniest polyps that colonize to form the coral itself to hungry stalking sharks, both great and small flourish among our reefs. Currently many of our coral species are threatened or endangered. Corals are quite sensitive, but choosing a reef safe sunscreen is one simple way beachgoers can help.