Pistol Petal Style #1 © Ammunition Flower PATENTED

Pistol Petal Style #1 © Ammunition Flower PATENTED


Jeni’s Style #1 Patented Pistol Petal was dubbed the first in the series due to its sleek, basic distinction. It is somewhat less discrete than other ammunition flowers in the series with the side of the shell casing visible from the front and basic outline of the cartridge expanded only slightly. Reminiscent of a lily it invites an eclectic charm unique to true artistry.

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Dimensions: Approximately 1 1/8” The size of hand-fabricated items does vary, however each piece crafted will be proportionate to the necklace pictured.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver cable chain.

Material: Sterling silver and one brass ammunition cartridge casing in 9mm.

Jeni Benos has been working with metal for more than half her life and the skill of a finely trained jeweler is present in her works of various degrees of complexity. The style one ammunition flower incorporates a simple elegance into the series with clean deliberate lines. One hand hammered silver leave glimmers in the light as three sterling stamens extend from the blossom. The shell is carefully pealed back and a patina is applied to enhance the depth of the bloom. The casing is hand polished with a striking brushed finish.

Style one is typically crafted from a 9mm as it is available on the web site. The 9mm is a wonderful size for the design and the caliber has remained a quite popular favorite to many through time. Other casings may be special ordered upon request, although larger casings and rifle rounds can impact the price.