Pistol Petal Style #10 with Genuine Gemstones © PATENTED

Pistol Petal Style #10 with Genuine Gemstones © PATENTED


Jeni’s exquisite Style #10 Patented Pistol Petal is accented by six prong set genuine gemstones embellishing the tips of the stamen. A true statement piece, it demands attention with a compelling allure and a bold pride in our nations second amendment! Originally crafted from S&W .500 casings, the more recent version has assumed its new identity as a Rifle Petal incorporating larger rounds such as the 30-06.

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Dimensions: Approximately 2 1/8”. Hand crafted work can vary slightly so measurements may not be exact.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Materials: Sterling Silver, a brass rifle casing, several genuine colored stone options.

As a professional jeweler, Jeni Benos, only includes quality materials in her designs. All Gemstones gracing her work are meticulously set in proper settings under high-powered magnification, as necessary to the process of crafting fine jewelry. The Style #10 Pistol Petal features a cluster of stamen all adorned by genuine stones. To achieve this look, Jeni must carefully solder prong settings to the ends of each strand garnishing the center of the blossom. Once prongs have been affixed to each wire, she must create seats for the stones and complete the process by setting each individual gem. A variety of combinations of semiprecious and precious stones are available for the pendant, the pendant pictured is accented with blue and fancy yellow sapphires.

The larger shell casing involved in the necklace asserts a brazen confidence with the exacting craftsmanship sustained throughout all of Jeni’s creations. A daring statement piece with class and a brazen radiance, fitting for every gun-loving girl with a bold fashion sense!