Pistol Petal Style #4 , Cartridge Casing Necklace PATENTED

Pistol Petal Style #4 , Cartridge Casing Necklace PATENTED


The Style four cartridge casing necklace bears a musical rhythm with lines reminiscent of a treble clef. Sterling silver wirework gracefully adorns this design with the hand hammered allure inherent to the series. This blossom is available online in either a .38 special or a .357 magnum casing. Both calibers have similar results as to the appearance of the flower they create.

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Dimensions: Approximately 1 5/8 Hand crafted items will vary slightly, the overall proportions will be similar to the piece pictured.

Chain: A choice of a 16, 18, or 20 cable chain in sterling silver.

Material: Sterling Silver with either a .38 special or .357 magnum brass shell casing.

Jeweler, Jeni Benos has dedicated much of her life to perfecting the craft of fine jewelry fabrication. Her innovative, patented collection or Pistol Petals exhibit quality that can only be produced by a true artisan.

Her Style #4 cartridge casing necklace involves a longer shell casing, creating a more dramatic bloom. With more metal to roll back, a unique look is achieved that distinguishes the revolver calibers used. The pendant is designed to position the back of the cartridge against the wearer, thus making it a subtle yet compelling accessory. A rich patina mimics the look of powder burns and adds a striking contrast to the flower. The casing is polished to a classy, brushed finish.

The patented style #4 Psitol Petal is a wonderful way to sport an ammunition cartridge casing with unrivaled elegance. A perfect gift for an enthusiastic lady shooter in your life or a great indulgence for yourself!