Pistol Petals Style #8 © Bullet Lilly of the Valley PATENTED

Pistol Petals Style #8 © Bullet Lilly of the Valley PATENTED


The Style eight Patented Pistol Petal has the unmistakable elegance of a lily of the valley. Graceful winding scrollwork embellishes the necklace, giving it a light, airy look despite its larger expanse. .25 ACP ammo casings prove to be ideal for the design, with their durable thick construction and small size. Incorporating several blossoms into the peice allows for a great deal of creative expression and exquisite wire detail!

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Dimensions: Approximately 2 ˝” from the top of the bail to end of the hand hammered stem. This design will vary, due to the nature of hand-fabricated artwork. Each will have its own distinct variations, however all will capture the spirit with similar proportions and dimensions to the necklace pictured.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain.

Material: Sterling Silver with three .25 ACP bullet shell casings.

Jeni Benos has been a profession jeweler since 2004 and began crafting her Patented collection of Pistol Petals about a year into her business. However her introduction to small metal fabricant began at a young age. She has refined her skills over many years and the precision of fine artistry is present in each piece she creates.

The lily of the valley is a favorite flower of Jeni’s and the petite, delicate appearance of .25 ACP Petals lend themselves beautifully as an interpretation. Several gauges of sterling silver wire are used to create the elaborate scrolls and flourishes of the design. Meticulously hammered and hand formed elements unite to establish a graceful charisma.

The Style #8 Petal portrays the lily of the valley with an artistic flare, Jeni’s expertise in fabrication combines with her innovation and artistic vision make this exquisite bullet necklace a must have!