Pistol Petal Style #3 ©, Flower in .40 or .45 ACP PATENTED

Pistol Petal Style #3 ©, Flower in .40 or .45 ACP PATENTED


Jeni’s Patented Pistol Petals are a wonderful way to express enthusiasm for shooting in a discreet, classy way! The Style #3 Bullet flower in .45 ACP or .40 S&W is designed to hang at a slight angle to show the side of the casing just a bit. This gives a clue as to what the pendant is made from, though still with the subtlety that gives Jeni’s Pistol Petals their unique charm. Distinctive sterling silver wirework provides graceful, feminine artistry. Hand hammered leaves extending from swirling wirework and catch the light beautifully.

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Dimensions: Size varies, approximately 1 ½” in .40 S&W and about 1 ¾” in .45 ACP.

Chain: A sterling silver cable chain in 16”, 18”, or 20”.

Material: Sterling silver and a brass ammunition cartage casing in either .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Jeni’s Style #3 Pistol Petal, Bullet Flower in .45 ACP was even honored with an excerpt in the November Edition of the American Rifleman in 2009! The editor of the magazine immediately recognized the innovation and fine craftsmanship of Jeni’s work when he came across Jeni’s table at a trade show in Chantilly Virginia. Nothing similar had ever been done and the concept proved to be so unique and unheard of, it earned a spot in one of our nations leading magazines published by the NRA.

Jeni is partial to a .45 herself, and the caliber makes a wonderful Petal! However she offers this particular bullet flower in .45 ACP as well as .40 S&W. The sizes of fabricated designs do vary a bit, as each one is made individually. The size of the casing used will affect the size of the finished piece so a petal created with a .40 S&W will naturally have a more delicate appearance than the larger .45 ACP. Both Calibers work beautifully as a Style #3 Petal, so the choice can come down to either a matter of size or favorite caliber.