Pistol Petal Style #2 Necklace © PATENTED

Pistol Petal Style #2 Necklace © PATENTED


Jeni’s Style #2 Pistol Petal necklace has a simple, elegant charm. She typically crafts this pendant from a 9mm cartage casing. This design grasps the essential sprit of the Petal collection with a succinct, refined grace. One curled leave adorns the wire stem of the piece. The hand hammered texture of the leave shimmers in the surrounding light.

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Dimensions: Approximately 1 ¼” from the top if the bail to the lowest point. Hand made, fabricated items will vary in size.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain in sterling silver.

Materials: Sterling Silver and one brass 9mm shell casing.

This particular Pistol Petal necklace was, in fact, the first flower pendant that Jeni Benos fashioned from a shell casing. The initial invention of the collection involved several of the small flowers arranged in a vase. The style #2 necklace involves a basic simplicity that includes a curled ammunition casing and one swirling leave. However, she chose to arrange it as the second piece in the series. She felt the straight linear look of Style #1 served as a greater introduction to the line. Each Pistol Petal necklace more or less increases in complexity as the designs progress through the collection, numbered one through ten.

Upon developing the original series of ten Pistol Petals necklaces, Jeni knew she had struck a concept with unparalleled innovation and began the long process of applying for, and eventually receiving a patent for her invention.

The Style #2 Petal has lovely, artsy composition with a mischievous edge. It expresses a love of the shooting sports with feminine grace.