Style #2 Pistol Petal ©, Shell Casing Earrings PATENTED

Style #2 Pistol Petal ©, Shell Casing Earrings PATENTED


Jeni’s innovative shell casing earrings capture the sprit of her Pistol Petal collection with a distinct subtlety. They are some of the most discrete in the series in due to their dainty size. These delightful earrings are available on either French wires or with hammered ends backed by posts. The .25 ACP works beautifully for the design with their small size and hearty durability. The .25 cartridge casings are small enough to be lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. No other casing works nearly as well for style with functionality. The Style #2 earrings make an ideal match to any Petal Pendant in the collection!

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Dimensions: With French wires they are approximately 1 5/8” from the top of the ear wire to the lowest point. On posts they are just over 1” from the top of the hammered flourish to the bottom of the blossom. Size will vary slightly given the handmade nature of the design.

Material: Sterling Silver and .25 ACP Ammunition Cartridge Casings.

A hammered texture accentuates the delicately formed leaves along with the end of the stems of the pair mounted by posts. A patina enhances the blossoms giving them a greater contrast, portraying the appearance of powder burns while adding to the artist flare of the small flowers.

Jeni has been a professional jeweler for many years and brings a stringent level of quality to all of her work and her Patented Pistol Petals are certainly no exception. Crafted from quality materials with the undeniable grace that only a true artist can impart. The Style #2 Shell Casing Earrings make a stunning statement with a unique allure!