Pistol Petals Style #5 ©, Shell Casing Flower PATENTED

Pistol Petals Style #5 ©, Shell Casing Flower PATENTED


The Style #5 Shell Casing Flower has a delightful whimsical feel with hand hammered sterling leaves that shimmer in the surrounding light. Several leaves embellish the pendant most curving up for a jovial appeal. This Patented Petal is typically crafted from either a .45 ACP or a .40 S&W ammunition cartridge casing. While both will have the same distinct style, the .45ACP does impart a bold grandeur with its larger size contrasting the more dainty allure of the .40. The decision between the two can reflect either a favored caliber or preference for jewelry size.

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Dimensions: In the .45 ACP the pendant will be about 1 ¾”. The .40 S&W will measure approximately 1 ½”. The size will differ a bit on all hand-fabricated items.

Chain: Either a 16”, 18”, or 20” Cable Chain in Sterling Silver.

Materials: Sterling Silver and an ammo casing in a choice of .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Each of Jeni’s Patented Pistol Petals, has it’s own unique air, all quite expressive in their varied wire embellishments. Jeni has dedicated much of her life to metal fabrication discovering her inclinations towards jewelry deign at a young age. With so much of her life spent crafting fine jewelry, she is able to execute each of her designs with the adept skill of a true artisan. Inventing new concepts and processes sets Jeni apart, elevating her work further with its unique flavor.

The Style #5 Shell Casing Flower draws the eye with its eccentric artistry, while imparting a charming support for out Second Amendment!