Vast Dreams ©, Wild Pony Overlooking Mountain

Vast Dreams ©, Wild Pony Overlooking Mountain

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A Deep Introspective Art Print of a Wild Pony

Vast Dreams features a pony overlooking a great expanse of mountains. The light and shadows in this piece combined with sepia tones creates a deeper more introspective portrait. The coloring and scenery portray a timeless perspective of natural Appalachia.

Jeni photographed this wild pony overlooking the vast Appalachian mountain range in Grayson Highlands. The state park is knows for having several herds of wild ponies spotting the hills and valleys along the Appalachian Trail. As wildlife photographer and horse enthusiast, the trails at Grayson are ideal for Jeni to explore. The views along the footpaths are nothing short of breathtaking. The tops of the mountains in this area are not heavily wooded; in contrast, they have extensive fields. The fields are not only perfect for pony grazing, but allow for beautiful views in every direction. The wild ponies of the mountains are small, about the size of a Shetland. Foals can frequently be found grazing along with the herds as well.

Grayson Highlands is a vast paradise in the mountains and a wonderful spot for photography. Although, the conflict of whether to spend time photographing the ponies or paying them some attention, can become one of the greatest challenges to overcome!